Rat Enrichment Ideas

We have collated a few DIY rat enrichment toys and ideas that you can make at home for free or cheap

Cardboard Tubes

Cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper rolls are quite common around the house. Did you know they can be turned into a several different foraging and enrichment toys for your rats?

This video from Shadow the Rat, shows how to make 10 different rat toys using cardboard tubes, tissues or thin paper, string, scissors, and treats of course!

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Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes like tissue boxes, mailing boxes and shoeboxes can be turned into a forager's delight! Rats love to forage not only for treats, but also for paper and fabric scraps too. They love building nests to snuggle up in — just ensure the fabric you use is not prone to fraying, or creating loops of thread, as these can get caught in your rats toes and feet, causing nasty injuries!

You will need:
Small cardboard box
Knife or scissors
Scraps of paper, fabric, or tissues
  1. Cut at least 2 rat-sized holes in the sides or lid of your box (cut as many holes as you like!)
  2. Loosely fill the box with scraps of paper or fabric
  3. Drop in some treats and jumble everything around

Leave it in the cage for a day or two (depending how soiled it becomes), or use it during free-roam or supervised play. You can increase the difficulty by making the holes smaller, by putting less treats in, or by packing more bedding into it.

Wading Pool

Rats love a pool of fresh water, especially if they can go bobbing for frozen veges! Water also helps rats keep cool during the summer months. A large flat container works well for this, you can also get plastic plant trays or similar from hardware stores.

Hiding the frozen veges underneath smooth pebbles increases the difficulty! The Dapper Rat has some great tips when putting together a wading pool for your mischief - check out their other guides while you're on the page!

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